more skatepark bmx

More BMX at the skate park – this time black and white – much cooler.

Whats this called again? a look back? a turn down?

bmx jump

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bmx at skateaprk

bmx halfpipe

medium air down the local skate park in the summer

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Racing penguin game review

Racing penguin:
It’s a simple game that’s good for passing time. You’re a penguin running away from a polar bear and you can buy stuff to help you with the levels.

I quite like the game.

Racing penguin is a game where you’re a penguin running away from a big polar bear. There are bumps to make it interesting. When you hold your finger down on the screen it makes the penguin dive down into the bumps and when you let go he jumps. There are also fish that give a small blast.

There are 6 different places, they all have 8 levels. The aim is to get three stars on each level. The 6 different places are: Antarctic, Sahara, Brazil, Rainbow, Hawaii, and flying mountains.

There is also a shop. There are many different penguins available to either buy or unlock. You can also buy fish, bonus stars and a thing to get rid of ads.

You can also play on multiplayer. Where you race against other people.

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Remember the summer

bmx jump

big air

Before the snow came…

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BOFs at the lake

kids jumping

bofs at lake

No one actually said do a silly jump – but they did anyway.

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Game Review: Arcane Legends

Game Review: Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is a 3D, online, mmorpg game for mobile where you kill enemies, level up and get cool pets. The game starts off with you picking between 3 characters: a rogue which has a main stat of dexterity, a warrior who has a main stat of strength and a sorcerer who has a main stat of intelligence, after that you get to choose out of 3 pets and then you create your character!

I currently have a level 56 sorcerer, every new update, the game makes the level cap higher and higher, at the start the level cap was level 21 ( in 2012 i think ) and now ( 1 Feb 2017 ) it is level 61 ( it goes up from 51 to 56 then 61… )

The higher level you get the more your stats will increase, you can also buy and sell stuff in the shop. To get to the world map you press on your avatar in the top left corner, after that you will come to this menu:

press on the map and you will see a bunch of purple places you can go to, they are the villages and the other places are where you fight enemies. Each location has a level requirement and a level when you can no longer get xp, you also unlock new areas to go fight as you level up.

You can also get pets, pets will improve your stats and help you in battle with their arcane ability, they can also make you look cool.

The main way to get pets is to buy them from the shop, the shop is the place where every time you level up, you go and buy a new item that will improve your stats and you can also sell your old stuff and get some money back.

There is quite a lot of stuff in this game but these are the main things that i think are important, i really like the game, i also like the new levels they are implementing and can’t wait for more!
I really think you should get the game because there is so much more stuff i didn’t say in this just to keep it short and they have events where you can get cool loot and other stuff!


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Frog tea time


Hungry kids need big burgers. This one was very nice – that’s a 12″ pizza in the middle as we didn’t have another 12″ burger bun. nom nom.

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They call me mr big

mr big air that is…


More ski and snowboard pics to follow if we ever get more snow

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Welcome / Bienvenue

Welcome to the bof corner of the interwebs.

We are a group of active yoofs who love going fast and high.

Here is our intro vid, enjoy.


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