Racing penguin game review

Racing penguin:
It’s a simple game that’s good for passing time. You’re a penguin running away from a polar bear and you can buy stuff to help you with the levels.

I quite like the game.

Racing penguin is a game where you’re a penguin running away from a big polar bear. There are bumps to make it interesting. When you hold your finger down on the screen it makes the penguin dive down into the bumps and when you let go he jumps. There are also fish that give a small blast.

There are 6 different places, they all have 8 levels. The aim is to get three stars on each level. The 6 different places are: Antarctic, Sahara, Brazil, Rainbow, Hawaii, and flying mountains.

There is also a shop. There are many different penguins available to either buy or unlock. You can also buy fish, bonus stars and a thing to get rid of ads.

You can also play on multiplayer. Where you race against other people.

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